Cynthia Jengseen, Dr. TCM

practices both acupuncture and herbal medicine

She is a BC registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (Dr. TCM) with CTCMA (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia). After graduating from UBC with a bachelor degree in BSc and a brief working period, she became interested in TCM when some of her health problems were cured by acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She then returned to Guangzhou, China, where she was born and raised, in order to pursue professional training in both acupuncture and herbology at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is here she ultimately received both her master’s and doctoral degrees in traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture). In over seven years of training, she has been deeply influenced by the holistic theory of TCM. It is her goal to use her skills to help each client achieve a balanced state of well-being.

Her practice focuses on treatments of any acute and chronic pain,  fertility and IVF issues, post car accident symptoms.

She speaks Cantonese, English and Mandarin.​​​​​​​​

HyeJin (Jinny) Kim, R. Acupunturist

practices acupuncture

Acupuncture is an amazing TCM Healing method that uses needles.  It is impossible to define acupuncture without Qi (or energy).  Acupuncture needles help the Qi flow smoothly by stimulating the acupoints on your body. During the time of treatment, your body can be readjusted, without any harmful side effects.  The most important thing is to realize that people were born with a self-healing ability. TCM practitioners recharge that self healing function in your body.  I am here to help your body awaken its healing ability.  I can accomplish all this, but only with your trust.  

2014 - present
  • BC registered acupuncturist with CTCMA
  • Worked at No.1 Hospital affiliated with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  • Master's degree in Acupuncture &  Moxibustion & Tuina in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  • Worked at No.1 Hospital affiliated  with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  • Bachelor's Degree in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

I speak English, Korean and Mandarin.​​